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Wood - shabby sealer 5 lit. Farbloss - mat

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Wood - shabby sealer 5 lit. Farbloss - mat

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Wood ( shabby ) sealer 5 lit.  Borma wachs. ( on wasser basis ) Farbloss

No Color change, and still perfect protection en and ,,feeding" the raw wood.

Also very handy, selaing the Chalkpaint. Mainly used on walls etc.

Quick drying time and not sticky !

Usage 12 -14 m2 p. Liter


How to use


On an unfinished wood surface free of grease and/or dust, apply a uniform layer of the product using a spray, brush or roller.
At least two coats are recommended, applied at an interval of approx. 15 minutes (wet on wet) through to complete saturation.

Do not apply the product in environments with temperatures below 10°C.
Treated surfaces become water-proof after approx. 2h at around 20°C
Total drying after 24h. Maximum surface hardness after 48 h.
Yield: 75/100 g per m2, variable depending on wood treated.
When used with chalk paints ...

Our Sealer is a transparent Sealer that is also suitable for walls, woodwork and other painted substrates. 
The Sealer is widely applied to the back wall of a kitchen so it becomes extra washable and does not penetrate the grease spots.
It can also be mounted on a wall to a certain height as lamb trim to better protect this part.
by stairs or in toilet instead of Tiles. Apply with a brush, roller or sponge .. directly over the chalk paint. Smooth surfaces must be lightly sanded. ( after 36 hours )
The substrate should be clean, dry and dustfree. Make a minimum of 2 layers to get a strong covering.
Color: Transparent Packing: 750 ml. Consumption: 12/14 m2 per liter per layer.
Application: Brush, roller or sponge. Drying time: Dust dry 30 min. Tint difference: The sealer will deepen the color, resulting in a light hue. Ensure good ventilation during application.
Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with water.
If irritation occurs consult a physician. Removing frost before the materials are washed out with hot water.
Do not dispose of frustrations in the drain. Protect the paint and sealer from low temperatures during storage, but also during application.


EAN 8014885073419
Hersteller Borma Wachs
Inhalt 5 liter