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Holzmasse lösung für Holzkit  5 lit.

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Holzmasse lösung für Holzkit 5 lit.

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Holzmasselösung für Holzkit - Borma Wachs

zum mischen mit sägemehl, und so kriegen Sie ihre eigene Flüssig holz.

Schnelle trockenzeit, über lackierbar. 

5 Lit.

Borma Holzmasselösung is a ready to use binding resin for the individual preparation of Borma Holzmasse. Pasted together with wood dust obtained from sandpapering, it obtains with ease a spreadable paste.

The binding resin does not alter the original colour of the wood and therefore the paste is intone and the colour is equal to the wood of which the powder has been obtained. The paste can be tinted over or varnished over with solvent as water based products.

How to use

  • Mix the wood powder with the binding resin in a ratio of 1 to 3 (which varies depending on the type of wood powder used), until the right consistency is formed to spread with a spatula.

  • Apply the filler directly onto the clean surface, pressing it deep down.

  • Wait for it to dry, between 5 and 45 minutes, depending on the thickness of the coat.

  • When it is dry it can be sanded and varnished with either solvent or water based products.



EAN 8014885017987
Hersteller Borma Wachs
Inhalt 5 liter