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Teak öl  - Borma 1 Lit. ( in - outdoor )

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Teak öl - Borma 1 Lit. ( in - outdoor )

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Teak öl - Borma Wachs ( indoor & outdoor )

FARBLOSS,  1 Lit. packung.  ( mit UV Schutz ! ! )

** für innen und aussen geeignet. Hat eine Farblosse un Mat finish !

** Auch geeignet für alle andere Hardholz arten !


Borma TEAK OIL is a special blend of oils, ready to use, almost colorless, perfect for the outdoor and indoor protection of raw wood.

It donates a water-resistant veil to the treated surface, with a pleasant natural and not-greasy effect.

Thanks to its special formulation, enriched with appropriate UV filters and additives against weathering and harmful agents, it penetrates deeply,

ennobling the tonality and the natural beauty of the treated surface. As all the oils it undergoes wear, and so it periodically needs to be restored

with extremely ease to perform maintenance cycles. If the support is extremely worn, it is suitable to verify if it needs sanding before the treatment,

in order to obtain an increased elasticity.


How to use

    • Ready for use, for all types of raw wood, can be applied by spray, brush or roll.

    • On a clean and dust-free surface, apply at least two coats at intervals of at least 4/6 hours, to allow the precedent coat to dry.

    • Drying time: 8/12 hours at 20°C.
      Complete drying after 24 hours.

    • Yield: 8 - 12 m²/LT, depending on kind of wood.
      The treated supports can be overpainted.
      Close well the lid after use.
      Shake well before use.
      Contains: aromatic hydrocarbons.



EAN 8014885003614
Hersteller Borma Wachs
Inhalt 1 liter