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Stopwas zacht Ahorn Maple no. 40

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Stopwas zacht Ahorn Maple no. 40

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Zachte Stopwas Ahorn / Maple - Borma Wachs


Is over - lak en over- politoerbaar ! !


How to use


  • Using a sharp chisel, remove any splinters or damaged wood from the area to be repaired, in order to form a sound base for the application of the wax.

  • Pre-stain the damaged area and edges using a suitable shade of Touch-up dye Penor Colour Edging Pencolour or the matt or semi-matt touch-up pen, and fill with the wax by pressing it into the damaged area, level, using a spatula. More than one shade of wax can be applied to obtain the desired colour match.

  • When the flaws are completely covered, clean off any excess wax with a steel wool pad, type 000/0000.

  • To improve the shade, touch up with the Colour Edging Pen,Touch-up dye Pen,Graining Pen, Touch-up dye or Colour touch-up. Fix with a fine coat of Holzsprayspray varnish.


** Zie hier uw demonstratie video ;


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