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Spiritus beits Kers donk. 1 lit.

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Spiritus beits Kers donk. 1 lit.

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How to use

Apply with a brush following the wood graining. Spread evenly with a cloth.
Leave to dry for 1 hour, if the shade is too light apply a second coat.
When dry, lightly sand if needed with a grain of 220/240.
Varnish or fix the shade with Gel base coat or strengthen the support with the Wood hardner.
If the surface is to be shellac finished, we advise applying Borma Sanding Sealer.
If the finish is to be waxed, use Borma Holzwachs Lasur or Borma Holzwachs.
For oil finish, use Borma Parket oil. For Floors AND furniture.

Spiritusbeits Kersen donker - Borma Wachs


Ready for use Spirit Based wood dye. For indoor use, is the ideal product for staining any kind of wood exalting its structure.



EAN 8014885005021
Hersteller Borma Wachs
Inhalt 1 liter