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Meubelreiniger/Glanzmacher 500ml.

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Meubelreiniger/Glanzmacher 500ml.

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Meubelreiniger / glansmaker - Borma Wachs

500 ml.

** Zeer geschikt om vochtvlekken weg te werken en uw meubels weer te laten glanzen.

Made from a blend of exotic oils and root’s extracts, this product help to bring back a shine to all lacquered and varnished surfaces.
Specially developed to remove halos and discolorations caused by deterioration of the wood fibre and by humidity.
This product penetrates in depth and helps to regenerate the treated surface bringing back its natural brightness.

How to use

  • Apply with a cotton cloth using circular movements.

  • Wait for a few minutes.

  • Remove the dirt with a dry cloth to restore the original splendour to the wood.

  • Repeat the operation on very dirty surfaces.


EAN 8014885000514
Hersteller Borma Wachs
Inhalt 500 ml