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Spuitlak  400ml  Mahonie Seidenmat

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Spuitlak 400ml Mahonie Seidenmat

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Meubel spuitlak - Borma Wachs

kleur, ; Mahonie

Zijde mat 40%


The semi-covering product, as opposed to the full-covering one, maintains the transparency on the wood grain and is ideal for surfaces finished in colourless varnish. When dry, any further surface work can be carried out. Long lasting.



How to use

  • Shake well for a few minutes before applying. If it is a coloured varnish, check the colour before use.

  • Spray lightly several times crossing the spray direction over at app. 25-30 cm from the surface.

  • To avoid using excessive spray, wait 5-15 minutes, depending on the amount that has been applied.

  • After use, turn the can upside down and spray a jet to clean the valve.



EAN 8014885006363
Hersteller Borma Wachs
Inhalt 400 ml