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Gekochtes Leinöl  - Borma 1 Lit.

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Gekochtes Leinöl - Borma 1 Lit.

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100% Leinöl - Borma Wachs

Gekochtes Leinöl

1 Lit.

Linseed oil, filtered and boiled with traditional systems. Resin free. Gives a soft and bright finishing on raw or stripped wood. Ideal for the preparation of oil pigments. Base and finishing oil, natural effect. Penetrates in deep and in wood grain.

How to use

  • To facilitate application, for the first coatings dilute the oil with white spirit (30%).

  • Apply uniformly with a clean cloth. After 20 minutes remove the product in excess, to prevent the surface to become sticky.

  • Repeat the process for at least four coatings, each one after at least 24 hours form the last, decreasing progressively the quantity of thinner. For the final coating use non-diluted oil, removing again the product in excess.

  • Wipe the surface with steel wool "0000" to increase the sheen.





EAN 8014885003171
Hersteller Borma Wachs
Inhalt 1 liter