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Kreidewachs Weiss Borma 500 ml.

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Kreidewachs Weiss Borma 500 ml.

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Kreidewachs  weiss - Borma Wachs


Sterk kleurende krijt / kalkwas.

A-kwaliteit, natuurlijke was met carnauba

500 ml.


** Tip ... zeer geschikt als finish laag, over bijv. de witte krijtverf !

This product, formulated with pure bees and carnauba waxes, enriches and nourishes any wooden surface.
Mixed with white pigments, this wax protects and gives an antique and de-scaled look to the treated furniture.

How to use

  • With a brush or soft piece of woollen cloth, apply directly onto the surface to be treated. If it is coloured, test before applying.

  • Spread the application to make it uniform with a soft cloth to obtain a pearly damp film.

  • Leave to act for 1-2 hours.

  • Polish with a brush or smooth cloth. A deeper gloss is obtained with much harder polishing.



EAN 8014885003034
Hersteller Borma Wachs
Inhalt 500 ml