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Danish - deck - terras oil 5 lit.(in&outdoor)

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Danish - deck - terras oil 5 lit.(in&outdoor)

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Danish - Terras - Deck Oil / Deense olie - Borma Wachs ( In & Outdoor ) 5 lit. kleurloos - transparant - Farblos

Geschikt voor binnen en buiten. Deze olie heeft een UV filter. Voor meubels / interieur / exterieur geschikt !



High Solid Urethanic based Oil dispersion. Odourless with UV filters as preservative additives, is specially formulated for outdoor use.

Brushable as sprayable allows to obtain high performing satin sheen finishings of high transparency and deepness.

Cert. EN 71 Par.III How to use On a previously sanded, cleaned and degreased surface, apply evenly the product by roll, brush or cloth.

Do not apply in excess, let dry for 6-8 hours before sanding if necessary with abrasive paper (220-240 grain).

Then proceed with the application of a second coat. Total drying time: 12 hours at 18°C. Yield: 10-12 m²/LT, depending on wood a

soft and velvety finishing can be obtained.


TERRACE OIL is an high solid mixture of modified natural oils, with high superficial penetration. The natural low viscosity of the product and its special formulation based on thin structural oils grant the perfect impregnation of any kind of wood.

Despite the high solid content, it has an excellent protection without exfoliation. Uniform degradation and very easy maintenance.

Enriched with UV filters and additives against wood harmful agents, it’s the ideal solution for any outdoor wood terrace, perfect for exotic woods.


Zie hier onder uw demonstratie / verwerkings video ;


EAN Nein
Hersteller Borma Wachs
Inhalt 5 liter