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Anti Houtworm & boktor bestrijder 10 ltr. Borma.

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Anti Houtworm & boktor bestrijder 10 ltr. Borma.

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Anti-houtworm, Houtworm & boktor bestrijder  10 lit. can

Holz - 2000.

Bij 1 lit. 5 lit. of 10 lit. bussen, meerdere malen met een kwast goed instijken. 

Na ongeveer 3 dagen herhalen.


On attacked surfaces, injected in affected areas; product action is guaranteed without removal of the paint finish. If necessary, apply several coats.

How to use

  • Before use, shake the container well for a few seconds.

  • Spray and adequate amount of product directly onto the surface at a distance of approx. 25 cm.

  • In the event of micro-cracks, seal off the hole after application of Holz 2000 with soft wax, to increase efficiency of the surface treatment.

  • If necessary, apply several coats.


EAN 8014885000873
Hersteller Borma Wachs
Inhalt 5 liter