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Alcohol  can  5 ltr. 99%

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Alcohol can 5 ltr. 99%

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Alcohol puur 99 procent - Borma Wachs


Special solvent for Shellac with high solving power. Fast drying, not graying.

How to use

  • Once it has been found the right shellac to obtain the desired finishing, dissolve it in Shellac 99, with an initial ratio of 300 gr. per Lt.

  • After 24 hrs, filter the obtained solution and proceed with the application as basecoat on the interested support.

  • For the finsihing process it is advisable to reduce the concentration of shellac, adding 200 gr of Shellac 99 every 100 gr of original solution. The obtained product should be more easily applicable.

  • In case of application by tampon, spread on the supports some drops of Bio-Polieröl, to improve the lubrication and the fluency during application.

    To remove halos use Borma Finishing Spirit



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Hersteller Borma Wachs
Inhalt 5 liter